Sunday, 19 January 2014

Clothes Show Live

Back in December 2013 I went to Clothes Show Live at Birmingham NEC and it was fairly overwhelming! I had such a good time and it's perfect if you love shopping like little old me. I was actually a good girl and restrained myself from buying everything in sight like I'd usually do. Personally I think I deserve a big, shiny, gold medal for that but I'm sure some of you out there would disagree with little old me.

I ended up staying in an Ibis Budget ala the Etap because I'm classy. I didn't enjoy it one bit. It was clean and well prepared but we had an incident where no one could find the toilet and that's because it was in a closet. And the shower was in the room. Yeah. The only mirror in the room was far away from the plugs so doing our hair was a nightmare in the morning.

What I Wore

I decided I wanted to look at least presentable if I was going to an event like this! ...To be honest I could've gotten away with a kigu and I'm sure that would have been a lot more comfortable for pushing through the crowds in.

Dress: Yumetenbo
Hairbow: Miss Selfridge
Shoes (not pictured): Jeffery Campbell

No over the top makeup because I spent the night before out with friends, emptied a full advent calendar in my bag and woke up wondering where I was. Not recommended, honestly! I just had enough time to get ready! I also left my accessories at home since I had to share case space with other people haha.

I also sort of did my nails. Back at MCM Expo I had to cut them down because they were causing problems with my circle lenses so they're quite short and growing in.

It's no good at all!

At Clothes Show we had premium/VIP tickets so we got to go to the fashion show. It was amazing and I loved watching the different coordinates and make-up and how they entertained the audience in between. I was pretty much starstruck for the whole thing and sat with my mouth open! I fell in love with a few of the dresses that were way out of my price range haha.

Union J also performed. My little sister is a Union J fangirl/stalker so I feel kinda obliged to mention them here. One of the band members has started to recognise her when she shows up where they are, haha! They sang their new single, Loving You is Easy.

Speaking of my sister, she bought a life size cardboard cut out of one of her favourite members. I'm not joking. He keeps popping up in random places and scaring the life out of me. Best of all we had to carry this all the way home from Birmingham so we got a few stares!

At Clothes Show I was really good and bought two things. I bought the Ciate Advent Calendar for £10.00 (usually retails for £42.00) and some Models Own nail polishes since they were selling really cheaply. I just want bargains, okay~

After my sister met Union J (again) we went back to the hotel because I was tired and the next day we went home. Totally anticlimatic, I know.

Anyway, I thought I'd end this post with a cute picture of me because I'm feeling vain today.

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