Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Last Friday I went out for a meal for my cousins. They're twins but they have different birthdays; how bizarre! One was born before midnight and one after if you're wondering. Also, they have really different personalities. One of them is such a nerd and he's quite quiet and placid and the other is a little troublemaker! It was their 18th birthday so we took them on a big old drunken family night out hee hee.

I came home from work and had an hour before I had to be at their house. I'm not sure how I made it... but I did! I cut a lot of corners though.

This is what I wore.

I don't really know what the hell is up with my face in this picture. Ugh.

Dress: Pixie Lott @ Lipsy
Shoes: Garage Shoes
Bag: Garage Shoes

I was literally dragged out the door a few seconds after this was taken! I couldn't get my hair the way I wanted, or my make-up, or my face apparently. This look really requires some circle lenses imo but I can't really get them in my eyes still. :(

We went for a meal at an adorable Italian restaurant and I can honestly say the food was so delicious! I don't eat much Italian food so I was pleasantly surprised.

There were lots of photos taken but I don't feel comfortable posting my friends and family on this blog just yet. Maybe some other time, eh?

I left early as I was so tired from work. I must've gotten home and fallen straight asleep because the next thing I knew it was 11am the morning after, woops! Overall it was a nice night, with many in-jokes and giggles.

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