Monday, 7 November 2011

How Far is Too Far?

In both the West and the East, it seems as though being thin is in. In most magazines you can see thin girls pouting and preening and in gyaru, there's really no difference! Gyaru magazines often advertise weight loss programs to encourage people to try their products; I would too if I lived in Japan. The results are simply amazing!

But how thin is too thin?

Recently, whilst reading Ageha, I came across the following girl and automatically winced.

Whilst being thin is a stereotypical asian trait, this thin is not. She doesn't look healthy at all and looks as though she could snap if the wind so much as touched her! Her legs are like sticks and it's almost surprising that she can support herself on those legs. She looks like a skeleton; not sexy at all.

Photoshop does play a factor in these sort of ads but for that to be used to make a girl look this painfully thin, there has to be some sort of truth behind it.

I also spotted the following girl in Ageha:

Once again this girl is painfully thin. I actually winced when I saw her ribs and her legs are also scarily thin lke the previous girl's.

I'm all for being thin but this is taking it a step too far. Neither of these girls look particularly healthy and instead look rather sick. Whilst we don't know what sort of issues these girls have, it's very sad to see supposedly confident gyaru reduced to looking like this. In fact, the Ageha models themselves had more weight on than these girls.

I didn't see any girls this shockingly thin in 'egg' which I am relieved about. Maybe one day the industry will wake up and see that these girls don't need to be this thin. Even the models, who are thin, aren't this thin and it's a shame that girls feel the need to look like this.

If you or anyone else you know suffers from an eating disorder please go seek help. I personally wouldn't want to see you looking like these girls.


  1. yeah, I agree with you. Everytime I thumb trough egg or one of these japanese magazines I´ve get shocked. These ordinary girls are heavier than other japanese one and they are small sized so it don´t look esthetical at all. so they thinking that they would be very fat and want to be so skinny like the models. I´m not a fan of skinny models. A human should be a human and not a skeleton. A woman should be looks like a woman and not like a nightmare.

    They should have typically female line. That´s the discrepency between men and woman. And these extremly skinny girls are very very painful to look at, they are not human anymore, they are monsters ~____~ but they looks so fake some times. So I don´t be sure if they are really so skinny or its formed on the computer to prove how they pills or workouts should operate. +.+

    sorry ^^" I wrote so much ~.~

  2. I agree! I'm sure that they will photoshop the girls from time to time but the fact that a lot of them have ribs showing is very worrying since it would be difficult to replicate.

    Don't worry about it, thank you so much for commenting! <3