Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been updating much!

I went up to Edinburgh this weekend to see the other half. I was expecting it to be really cold so I packed all my winter woolies and it turned out not to be! I meant to take photos of my outfits but I forgot to, woops. Maybe I'll wear or improve the codes and show you all again, yeah?

Edinburgh was really nice! We went shopping and I managed to snag this bag and a necklace from Urban Outfitters for only £20, instead of the £70 they should have cost! Call me Miss Bargain, ok?

This was taken in the Princes Mall foodcourt where I was waiting for the mister to come back with food, haha. I love this bag!

That night we went out for a meal at West Coast, but it wasn't very nice. I was a little disappointed. I tried bacon (which I still dislike) and sweet potato fries which were super yummy. After we went to this neat little bar and sat in a corner. I was very impressed with the drink glasses!

Vodka and lemonade, yes please! Funny story, I had one of those and a Smirnoff Ice and managed to walk into a wall. I wasn't even drunk, honest!

The mister and I after one too many drinks. I'm wearing a pink Lipsy dress here.

After this we went to a casino. I wish I could have taken photos but it was against the casino's policy. It was huge and really posh looking; the drinks were super cheap too! I didn't play anything as I have the worst luck in the world. We walked home as well and my poor feet are bruised now so it hurts to walk.

The next day was a recovery day and I forgot to get photos of my code. I'm disappointed because I really loved it!

Of course, now I'm back home. I have a tummy virus so I'm a little poorly...

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