Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Gyaru Style in the UK: Lipsy

Hey all!
I meant to post this yesterday, albeit I completely forgot about it! Work has been a little hectic this week so I've been coming home exhausted and just relaxing. I have definitely not been looking my best.

In my last post I briefly mentioned Lipsy and I'd just like to show how whilst it is a UK brand, it really can incorporate some elements of gyaru style. It's rare but you can make gyaru work on clothes in your own country. I'm not being sponsored or anything, so please don't get the wrong idea, I just think people need to stop giving up on the brands in their own country. It also happens to be that Lipsy is one of my favourites.

First up, I'd like to talk about this Lipsy Dotty Jumper.

It's really cute, isn't it? I really want this in my own wardrobe.

The first thing that caught my attention about this is the peter pan collar. Over the past few months I've noticed these have been on trend in both the UK and Japan, although I do think that's due to the retro girly and blogger style that has been very in fashion with gyaru. The polka dots also really add to that trend, which I really love. I also really like the colour; it's more autumny and mute compared to the bright florals and colour blocking trends of the summer. I'd be a fool to say that this is going to be big with gyaru in the winter, as it may not be, but the fact this is knitwear makes me really want to invest in this! It's really cute and hopefully warm!

This currently retails at £35.00 which isn't too bad; I've seen pricier. I really do want this in my own wardrobe, I'll see.~

I've really noticed that maxi skirts have been making their way into autumn trends for gyaru this year. They seem a bit more floatier and lighter than the Lipsy equivalent but...

This is the Lipsy Pleated Maxi Skirt. Maxi Skirts and dresses seem to be a popular summer trend for gyaru each year, so I'm surprised to seeing skirts in this style coming into the autumn trends. I do believe I saw a similar skirt to this on the Milsqur website which is really surprising as usually gyaru favour shorter skirts. I have seen some brands (I think Cecil McBee was one but don't quote me on this) that have had slightly shorter skirts, around knee length. If it was a brighter colour maybe it'd look more gyaru?
Lipsy also stocks a culotte which looks very similar to this skirt, you can see that here.

I don't really like this skirt so I'll be staying away from this. It retails at around £50.00 which is a little pricey for something I really don't like.

Finally on my list is the Lipsy Crochet Back Cardigan.

I wouldn't really say this was too gyaru but maybe I'm thinking on the wrong mind frame. The dusky colour of it really does step away from the bold colours that's normally associated with summer. It's colder without being too cold, if you understand my point? No. Never mind. I've seen a lot of gyaru wearing cardigans in the autumn online catalogues, although maybe that's because cardigans are practically a staple for autumn and spring - it's not too hot nor is it quite cold enough to pull on your winter jackets. What I really love about this is the back detailing, I've seen lots of gyaru items with unusual backs so I think this may just fit right in. Also, I really do like how long this looks. Although it's not as big as the gyaru brands oversized cardigans (which are making an appearance for autumn, may I add) it's still sort of big for a UK brand.

This retails as the dotty jumper at £35.00, and it's also available in black and grey if you're not feeling too colourful.

Out of everything I've spoken about today I'm most wanting the Lipsy Dotty Jumper, but that may because I really do love the retro girly trend. I'd love to see it in some codes!

That's all for today, I should hopefully be back tomorrow!

Also, I am still working on the wardrobe post I promised. I will hopefully have all of the pictures taken by Sunday and I'll get to work processing them and putting it together!

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