Thursday, 11 August 2011

Blog Goals

I was thinking today what the goals for this blog are, so I'm going to write them on here to see

♚ To learn and become a better gyaru; I really want to develop a better style and have more confidence to go out and wear it in public. At the moment I'm so paranoid people are looking at me.
♚ To get at least 100 blog readers! I don't think I write anything too interesting, so it'd be really nice to see that! I might have a giveaway then.
♚ To just keep this blog going, really! I have a whole folder of blog ideas to write about, so as long as I keep that up I shouldn't have too much of a problem.
♚ To use this experience to gain some self-confidence.

Sorry for the not too informative post today, I have a million and one things to research!

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