Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Once again I'm running a tad behind - my apologies.

Christmas was... okay, I guess. I got a lot more than what I thought I would have gotten so for that I'm very grateful to my family.

There's a Clairebella bag there which is some shopping bag that apparently all the TOWIE lot are going crazy over. If you're unfamiliar with TOWIE, it's a UK reality show about people in Essex. My family all seem to love it. There's also a top up of 60 pairs of false lashes, Mudz Sparkle Wellies, Dolce & Gabanna perfume and a figure of myself. It's hideous and looks nothing like me so I put it back in it's box and I've not looked at it since. Sorry mama, I just don't like it~
My stepbrother also got me a whole bunch of Lush bath things. I really love Lush products so I'm always super stoked when I get them! I can't wait to use them~

I did get some presents from the boy but let's talk about that another time, mmhmm?

Same bag as before but under different lighting. I really love the eyelashes and I'm sure this bag will come in handy for carrying stuff!

As I was visiting family I wanted to look smart so I put this outfit together.

Blazer: Off-brand
Vest Top: Primark
Trousers: Off-brand
Boots: Off-brand
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Headband: Off-brand

It's really comfy and actually I put this together for work so I could look smart. My face was seriously stupid looking that day. I had around 15 minutes to get ready so I couldn't spend too much time doing much to it. Maybe next year, hm?

After visiting family we then went home and started the final preparations for Christmas lunch. It was really nice even though the dessert wasn't finished in time so nobody could eat it.

Overall it was a fairly average Christmas. Maybe it's because I'm older and growing up but the magic this time just wasn't there for me. I'm really sad about that because I usually look forward to Christmas every year.

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