Wednesday, 18 January 2012


First and foremost, my apologies! I had every intention of blogging yesterday but my internet decided that it was the perfect time to throw a tantrum.

Normally, I dislike wandering into town by myself because it normally makes me feel like I'm going to stand out like a sore thumb. I've been reading the Hunger Games recently and I was really getting into the series until I discovered my copy of Mockingjay was a big error and actually 2/3s of the first book in the series, The Hunger Games. This was more than enough inspiration to encourage me to go out and get the book replaced. Annoyingly enough, the store had shut so I'll have to go to another branch next time.

My code for the shopping trip was this:

Jacket: Primark
Top: Internacionale
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Shorts: Unsure, they've been in my closet since I was 13 haha
Bracelet: Claires
Tights: Once again, these have been in my closet since I was like, 12 or 13 and I found them looking for a different pair.
Boots: Offbrand

I didn't have too much time to do my hair as I normally would have because I slept in and was running really late! My make-up was decentish, I suppose. I ended up taking off my false lashes because I wasn't satisfied with the lash I was using as it wouldn't blend in as well as I was hoping it would have. Lots of mascara made up for it though!

If you're wondering why I went for this sort of look, it was a challenge. Somebody told me they couldn't imagine me in this type of 'tough' clothing so the next day I wore this to get back at them! I can be tough! It's all about how you look and how you wear it. The attitude you give off helps so I decided that on that day I was going to be confident.

Whilst I was unable to have the book replaced, I did buy some things for myself.

I bought this make-up bag for myself with a bit of a French theme from Claires. I'm going to be travelling a lot in the next few months by planes and I don't want my three bags of make-up to weigh my case down. I bought this so I could just take my essentials. Do I really need 4 liquid eyeliners? I mean I know the brush types are different but...
I'm also really sure that I don't need 3 types of blush! For one or two days I'm sure that one type will be perfectly fine.

I went for a French themed bag because of my upcoming trip to the most beautiful place on Earth... Paris. Or Disneyland if I'm being precise. I'm super excited about going!

I also treated myself to a Chanel lipstick. I have a review for this ready to be posted soon! I'm much more of a lipstick sort of person than I am lipgloss as lipstick doesn't try to attach my hair to my lips.

I'll post again really soon, I promise!

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