Sunday, 15 January 2012

What's in YOUR bag?

Hey gals!

I found a really neat little site I want to introduce you to. It's called What's in My Handbag, or WIMH for short. It's currently on an invite only basis at the moment but it's promising to be really cool so I'd recommend you gals checking it out.

They've given away handbags before, as well as free make-up. I'm not sure about you, but I really love free make-up haha.

At the moment you must get five people to click your very own personal link to skip the queue. My link is here so if you are interested in joining I would really appreciate you clicking this as I only need one more person to click!

Have a wonderful day~


  1. Oh, i LOVE this website! Did you spot my bag? I feel so out of depth compared to everyone else on the website! Bags + Make up = best combo ever! x

  2. They are the best combo! I'm not on the site yet, I'm still trying to get one more person to click on my link so I can have a look. I followed you on Twitter and saw the link to your site so I'll definitely have a look as soon as I get on! x