Monday, 9 June 2014

Ordering from Mbok

As a shopper, I'll admit that the thought of using a shopping service to purchase from different websites is terrifying. I've always worried about what will happen if there's a dispute or I fail to receive goods. Which, to be honest, is the reason why I've always hidden behind eBay, behind webstores, etc.

However, no more! I've discovered how easy peasy it is to order from Mbok which makes it easier to get my hands on dresses from certain brands that I've been after.

Ordering from Mbok was probably one of the easiest things I've ever done.

I used the Japonica shopping service which was super duper easy to use!

It helps if you can read katakana in order to browse the site but it's still easy without it. I was able to pull up lots of Liz Lisa items just by searching for 'liz lisa'. Same applies with MA*RS, La Pafait, etc. The clothes are second hand of course, but often run cheaper than what they would be if you were to buy them brand new.

I've decided I want to purchase the below Liz Lisa dress:

It's really pretty, right?

The Bidding Price starts at ¥6990 (£40.69)
The Buy Now price is ¥19900 (£115.84)

These prices are without the shopping service's commission or shipping to yourself.

Not all listings will have a Buy Now price as some may be auction only. Whilst you can save a lot of money via bidding there is no guarantee of you winning your item which could lead to disappointment and not winning your items.

The shopping service I'll be using for this is Japonica Market. Japonica Market also offers shopping services for Yahoo Auctions Japan, Shibuya 109, Rakuten, etc. so it's a shopping service to keep in mind.

In order to place an order with Japonica Market you have to e-mail them with a form sent to them via e-mail ( I've filled out the below form as though I was ordering from them.

E-Mail Subject: Mbok Order

[ Auctions / Shopping Order Form ]

Seller ID : lzakiraさん
Item Name : 激可愛完売★LIZLISAリズリサ刺繍リボンレースチュニックワンピ
Auction ID / Item URL :
Max bid Price : 19900 yen
Bidding Options : Buy it Now

Payment : Paypal
Shipping Options : EMS
PayPal Account :
PayPal Confirmed Shipping Name and Address :
Rachael Claranee
444 Madethisup Way
SW78 9AG

note :


It's that easy. Once the form is filled in all we're waiting for is an invoice from Japonica as this is a Buy It Now option. I believe they don't ask for payment until they've secured your auction item.

I put an order in for three items.
Japonica sent me an invoice. 16 minutes after I'd paid I received an e-mail from them confirming they had secured my items.

Once the item arrives with Japonica they send a final invoice which includes shipping to your address. Once this is done and paid they send your items.

It's stupidly easy to do! ♥ If I had known it was so easy I would have start buying from Mbok earlier.

I hope this helps some of you who were having doubts about purchasing from Mbok!

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