Saturday, 21 June 2014

Candy Doll Lipsticks

As a die hard fan of Tsubasa Masuwaka, I've been using Dolly Wink and Candy Doll products for awhile. Due to an unfortunate incident my favourite lipstick melted so I decided to treat myself to two new ones from Tsubasa's Candy Doll range!

Candy Doll is a range that is produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka. She used to single handedly advertise the products that she released, but as of late she's brought Dakota Rose onboard as a model for advertising. They're both super cute.

I purchased the lipsticks in Pink Grapefruit and Ramune Pink.

The packaging is quite bulky but I find this to be common with Japanese cosmetics so I don't find it a problem, although some other people might!

The lipstick cases are a simple shade of black with some gold detailing showing that it's from Candy Doll. In comparison to the old containers these are so much better; the older cases looked extremely cheap and something I would expect a £1 lipstick to come in. I'm really pleased these were changed.

Candy Doll lipsticks tend to be creamy and moisturising. Usually I don't feel like I have to wear lipgloss with these which is a bonus as I absolutely detest lipglosses. Not even my Candy Doll lipgloss can make me love it.

The con to these lipsticks is that they don't last long. They have to be reapplied very frequently and I personally think that sometimes they can look a bit cakey. It's definitely recommended that you buffer your lips before applying these lipsticks.

The shades certainly aren't unique to Candy Doll; I've found many drug store lipsticks of the same quality and at a cheaper price in these exact same shades. You're definitely paying a premium for the brand name Candy Doll. If you have the cash to spend I think it's worth investing as I've never had an issue with these lipsticks but don't feel that you have to buy them just because Tsubasa produced them - I found a dupe of Ramune Pink for £3!

Although it sounds like I'm ragging a little on these lipsticks I recommend these wholeheartedly. There's not much I can say other than the formula being quite nice and the lipsticks are perfect colours for an understated look; if you're wearing a lot of eye make-up these are perfect to stop a massive make-up faux pas.

Swatches in day light:

Pink Grapefruit is a lot brighter than Ramune Pink. It's definitely a statement kind of lipstick. It also has a bit of a shimmer in it which I was surprised to see!

Ramune Pink is more of a natural, neutral colour. It's not entirely nude as it's very pink when applied but it's not one to be in your face.

Overall I really do recommend these lipsticks, but I don't want to say BUY THEM just because they're Candy Doll. There are definitely cheaper alternatives on the market.

Stay sweet!

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  1. Ahh I really love the pink grapefruit lipsticks colour, so cute! Thanks for making this post!

    1. It's really lovely. I think it might be a little too bright for me though. :C