Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2012 in Review

Happy New Year!

Ah, it's kind of weird to be talking about what happened last year when I have outstanding posts from six months ago to still post but with it being the start of 2013 it only felt appropriate to.

2012 was an interesting year. It had both ups and downs. The last few weeks were pretty bad because my mood just hit rock bottom but it's been a genuinely positive year. I broke out of doing mundane things day after day and tried to live a little. So, lets have a year in review!

  • Nothing much happened!
  • I just enjoyed the Christmas after glow and bought some products that are usually out of my budget because I could.
  • I also found myself purchasing Lush skincare products which was the start of frequent visits to Lush.

  • My Gyaru month! I did three core posts on gyaru. People seemed to really like them so I wrote some more!
  • My old laptop began to blow smoke out. I used my Jimmy Choo shoe fund in order to replace her and nicknamed her 'Clara'.
  • I rebranded by blog from Hippogrape to CLARA-NEE and redid the layout. It was very stressful!
  • My 20th birthday was this month! To celebrate I visited Disneyland Paris and had so much fun.
  • I stopped chomping on my nails on the day of my 20th birthday. Brilliant!

  • I started my 'Blog of the Week' feature which ran for a few weeks.
  • My old Blackberry contract ended so I upgraded to an iPhone 4, which has honestly been one of the best investments I've made. I genuinely adore my phone!
  • I actually don't remember too much of March for some reason. Good things probably happened!

  • I SAW THE HUNGER GAMES and I was so happy! I... ugh, what a perfect movie!
  • I attended Kitacon and cosplayed! It was ridiculously great. I'm so sad that it's not running in 2013.
  • I griped terribly at all of the summer clothing. It was just so bad, you know?

  • May was a tricky month. A lot happened. I refrained from posting a lot about my personal life as it was a very bad time for me.
  • I first started taking a strong doze of anti-depressants this month. For the firs time in many years I was able to see myself properly in a mirror and think positively. I didn't reveal this because it felt embarrassing at the time that I had crumbled so much that I needed to become another statistic but I have been so lucky to have a doctor who I can easily work with until I make a full recovery.

  • I went to Edinburgh in the searing heat. I didn't get sunburnt, surely I should get some sort of award for this?
  • I made my 100th blog post and received a Lovely Blog Award and a Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you so much, everyone!
  • I booked an appointment to have my eyes lasered by Optical Express.

  • I didn't blog too much because I had my laser eye surgery and spent most of the time being banned from wearing make-up which can really kill a girl's mood!

    Let's just face it. I didn't do much at the end of the year. My blogging interest fizzled out a little because I started writing a lot and playing a lot of video games. It's shameful, I know! It's not my fault I really like Saints Row!

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