Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tsubasa Masuwaka & Naoki Umeda

Back in October 2011 I posted this post about Tsubasa Masuwaka and her husband, Naoki Umeda. There were rumours back then that they would be splitting up but they didn't and continued their relationship!

Which is why that I was surprised to read that the couple had filed for divorce on Tsubasa's blog!

Now, we all know Tsubasa is gyaru royalty but I'm so sad for her, Naoki and Rion. I can only hope that the split is the best thing for them and that maybe they can go against the odds and still remain friends (especially for the sake of Rion, their child).

It's always really sad when a relationship breaks downand I can only sincerely hope that the two of them are happier with this decision.

What did you guys think when you heard the news? I was shocked!


  1. Awh i dont really know much about her and had no idea she was married with a child! Its really sad seeing people break up ;-;

  2. They're getting divorced? Oh wow how sad. I'm not a follower of her blog but jeez...what a shame to have a child involved.

  3. i didn't realize they were divorcing! I love them as a couple.

  4. So they already divorce? Do you know what happend with her son?