Saturday, 29 December 2012

PSA: Friends Don't Let Friends...

Picture the scene.

It's your Christmas work party and you stress and stress to your plus one that this is a very upmarket venue. Luckily you both look absolutely gorgeous and with some of your other workmates head into town.

You meet your manager there and everyone has a good time; there's plenty of alcohol, shots and no one has managed to make an idiot of themselves! Okay okay the food was bad and you couldn't help but laugh when a balloon landed on your boss' head but other than that it's been great!

Several drinks and shots later you're pretty drunk. Everyone decides to go to a different bar and you agree to go! So you go to leave but then you hear it.

...Oppan Gangnam Style.

(Link just in case you managed to never hear this...)

Obviously it's like, a crime against humanity itself to not do the infamous dance.

So you do.

In high heels.

Big high heels.

And you fall.

The bruises were a lot worse than this okay! My leg went purple from them!

Oh, I mean you.

The outcome? Horrifically bruised legs and a bleeding elbow. Not a great look.

Friends don't let friends Gangnam Style.