Saturday, 5 January 2013

Christmas 2012

I've been really late with my blog posts so I'm hoping to catch up soon!

Christmas 2012 was fairly boring. My family and I are close so it was almost as though it was a regular day to us (with presents!). I must have been a good girl this year as Santa was very kind to me! ...Although I've also been told I have too much money of my own so everyone decided to buy me things.

I received:

~ Mr. Kandee shoes
~ Irregular Choice shoes
~ Nail art pens
~ Scruffy Little Cat phone case
~ 2 boxes of Lush bath bombs
~ 2 sets of pyjamas
~ Lady Gaga's Fame perfume
~ A lot of Xbox games!
~ Body Shop stuff
~ an iTunes gift voucher
~ Deco'd headphones
~ A dress

I was a very lucky girl!

These are the Irregular Choice shoes. They're so comfortable and have perfect foot support. I was really surprised at just how comfortable they are!

These are the Mr. Kandee shoes. They came in their own dust bags and I had a look on their website and they weren't the cheapest so I'm grateful to my family for buying me these shoes. At the moment, my ankle is very weak so I keep falling over a lot so I can't wear them until it's stronger. It's a shame, isn't it?

What I wore! I always think this blouse makes me look a little fat but I have a BMI of 19.2 so I can't help it. At least I'm healthy! The jeans are corset jeans and are ridiculously comfy to wear, like, you don't understand!!

Blouse: Lipsy
Hair Bow: Miss Selfridges
Jeans: eBay (surprise!)
Jewellery: Miss Selfridges
Shoes (not pictured): Litas by Jeffery Campbell

My sister and I. I wasn't wearing too much make-up because my step-dad was yelling at me to hurry up haha. By the way my sister was a much darker colour in real life! She'd had a spray tan done by Rebecca who used to be in Geordie Shore and she went really dark!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year!


  1. The heels on the Mr. Kandee shoes are so cute <3

  2. Omg those Irregular Choice shoes are gorgeous! Urgh I'm sick of Geordie Shore, Gary opened up his shop next to where I used to work the people on it kept coming up making everyone go wild! :( Glad you had a good Christmas!

    Just Smile.

    1. They are! I'm so pleased Santa brought me them!

      Oh, I love Geordie Shore but I can only imagine how annoying it must be for people to keep going wild. :c I hope you had a good Christmas too!

  3. loooved the shoes! so different!