Thursday, 23 February 2012

What's in my Gift Bag?

A few weeks ago I posted a blog post about a neat new website I had discovered called What's In My Handbag.

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who signed up via my link. As a result WIMH kindly sent me a little goodiebag to say thank you which I really appreciate!

The thank you letter was a really nice touch! I would have posted a picture of the box but I actually couldn't get it open and had to hack away at it with scissors.

The nail polish is called Valentine on the bottom, but according to Filthy Gorgeous' website it's also named Fire Engine Red. It's definitely not as bright as it looks in the picture!

I have the shortest, stubbiest nails ever so this was lost on me but maybe I can use it as inspiration to stop biting my nails!

You know, short nails don't look good.

Definitely not good.

The second item I thought would interest you gals is this lipstick by Paul & Joe. It's in shade 2 and it looks like a pretty shade of pink!

I've not tried either of these items yet.

But that's because I'm working on a surprise for you girls!

If you haven't already please do sign up to WIMH. I would invite you but apparently I've ran out of invites... If you would like to join though let me know and I'll hit you up with an invite as soon as I can get my account issues sorted!


  1. Hello dear. The nail poish is really cute and pretty!

    About my fales eyelashes, I usally use thoes jap brand one, I always try different type of lashes, some are nature and some are more dramaic depending on make up im wearing. The one I used on my blogpost is EYEAMZING.


    1. It's really nice but it's a little bold for me!

      Oh, thank you for coming to comment to let me know, I'm really thankful. I'll definitely keep a look out for that brand, thank you!