Sunday, 12 February 2012


Hey all!
Welcome to the brand new Clara-Nee, aka Hippogrape! To be honest I hated the old layout and it was only supposed to be temporary but I hate coding so I never bothered changing it until now haha. It's a lot prettier, right? Do you like it? It's a bit girly but that's the sort of thing I adore.

For old time's sake here's what the old layout used to look like.

It's very boring. You can see the new layout all around you. It's much nicer in my opinion.

The layout itself isn't quite finished. There'll be one or two subtle differences and things added and things deleted but it shouldn't impact too much on your blog experience. Hooray for us!

CLARA-NEE or Clara-Nee or Claranee or whatever you want to call it. I think it's a much prettier name than Hippogrape. I actually wanted something prettier but those annoying people who set up accounts and blogged from them like, once, had taken all the names. That's so annoying, why not purge your account if you don't want it any more? Some of us wanted those names!

Hippogrape was quite a bad name. Do you want to know where it came from? It came from this:

This is me in the morning. Or perhaps all day haha. As this was me I wanted a blog that would reflect how truly hideous I am under all the make-up and photoshop but I liked CLARA-NEE better.

Clara is the nickname I have given my laptop as I blogged about a few days ago. -Nee comes from... well it was the only name that wasn't taken on both Twitter and Blogger but let's just say it came from 'Onee-gyaru'. Although I am not gyaru I still know stuff about the style. Let me be your Nee-chan!

I came up with most of the design myself. The background is actually modified from Liz Lisa's website. Do you remember a few days ago how I was all, "I WANT THIS BACKGROUND"? Well I got it and I changed it slightly to make it more subtle. It looks super pretty.

This took eleven hours to do. Why eleven? The first five were spent coding it and it went all wrong and I had to restart from scratch. Trust me, a lot of tears and tantrums were had.

To conclude, please expect a few more changes being made to this blog. Hippogrape is now CLARA-NEE so please update all your links to reflect that. The blog's new e-mail address is so if you wanna chat feel free to e-mail. I'll get super lonely otherwise and you don't want that, do you?! Don't be mean now!

You can now also follow my blog via Bloglovin'! I am now coming into 2012, hooray~
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