Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Imagine the scene: one day you're sitting and your laptop starts spewing smoke out of the air vents. What would you do?

If you're like me you panic and post to facebook for help! Basically my old, rubbish laptop decided to start jingling like I had put pennies in it and then next thing there was smoke coming out of the air vents. I was told to clean the vents but the actual bottom of the laptop wouldn't come off. In fact it's still sitting in the corner of my room without any screws securing the bottom.

How's it still staying on?

By superglue?!

But I digress. I had to use all of the money in my Jimmy Choo shoe fund to replace my laptop. Meet Clara, my new laptop:

Yes, yes. I realise she is little bit hideous because she is bulky and black but that sort of fits into my room theme so that's okay. She's a real mean machine and superior to my old machine in every single way.

The Liz Lisa website is so pretty is't it? I'd love a blog that was designed like that. Maybe I'll try to do that one day! Hopefully I don't blow her up like I did with my last two laptops. Technologically gifted I am not.

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