Sunday, 19 August 2012

All the Cosplaying!

As you all know I'm a cosplayer. And as a cosplayer I'm always looking for new characters to cosplay as and I've recently become such an Avatar fan I couldn't resist cosplaying two of my favourite ladies from the series.

First up we have Ty Lee.

Ty Lee is such a cutiepie and she's so bubbly and happy and I just adore her. She's so sweet!

I have a wig test and the full cosplay for her done now!

I am so crazy excited to cosplay her, you guys have no idea! I'm just worried about the whole tummy showing thing but if I can do Inori, this should be no trouble at all.

The next lady I am doing is Asami Sato from The Legend of Korra. I didn't think I'd suit her as well as I do! Make-up is wonderful.

Rather embarrassingly I did a make-up tutorial for her. I feel so awkward and embarrassed and I mumble a lot. Woops.