Saturday, 1 September 2012

Fun Nights

Awhile back, another member of our family turned 18. There's lots of 18ths this year so we've been spoiling ourselves with fancy restaurants and boozy nights out. It's really fun!

I had only 30 minutes to do my hair and make-up because I'd just finished work. I think I managed to pull it off although it wasn't as nice as I'd have liked. I told everyone I was rocking the 'au natural' look tee hee.

See? It was very natural looking! I've been using this picture as my Twitter picture for the longest time now. I just like it! My code for that night was as follows:

Dress: Lipsy
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Bracelet: Versace

I just wanted to keep my outfit as simple as my make-up. And those shoes... oh gosh I just think they're my favourite! They're just so girly and comfy and pretty and I genuinely get disappointed if I can't wear them out!

Another gpoy because I know you guys just love them:

We all met up at the pub around the corner from my house ha ha. It was raining really badly so I was glad just to get there dry and to avoid having my cousin's dog jumping up on me for cuddles. I'd just booked my eye surgery so I was explaining the procedure to my cousin, Ian, and I turned and saw one of my Aunts doing this:

No Aunt, that is to put beer on. Not to put on your nose. Please take it off.

We made it to the restaurant and they gave us a very, very long table to sit on because there was so many of us! It felt like a banquet.

It was then that Annie noticed my camera. Woopsiedaisy.

Mum please take that peg out of your hair....

I want to talk about my little sister. I adore her, please don't think that I don't. But wow she is so vain for a 13 year old! She takes a lot of pictures of herself and whenever people went to the loo and left their phones behind she took pictures of herself! She got pictures on my phone and my cousin's boyfriend's phone. So in revenge I've decided to post them here!

It's hard to believe she's only thirteen!

And because this is a restaurant post I thought I would post a picture of my food. It was delicious and just perfect (even though I had toothache because of my wisdom teeth coming through).


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