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MCM Expo 2013

Happy 2014!

The last few months have been rough so updates slowed down dramatically. I've taken to reading blogs again and it reminded me about how much I used to love updating my own blog. Hopefully this means the passion I had for blogging is back, although I blog about silly things.

Moving on~

In October 2013 I went all the way down to London to MCM Expo. It was fairly stereotypical as far as Expos go and it's not an event I'd recommend to everyone but it was still fun enough. I barely took any photos because I was upset about something that was happening in my life and blah blah I have some photos I'd like to share with you all!


On the Friday I ended up cosplaying as Christa Renz from Attack on Titan, a series I think which needs no introduction judging by how popular it seemingly became! It was literally everywhere haha! I chose to do Christa because I think she was the only character I could pull off! My harness didn't fit properly though which was a downer; I'm too short for it so my boots cover most of it.

Shortie life is hard, yo!

I did this cosplay with a group of friends so we were all matching and stuff! We had Megan as Annie, Jason as Reiner, Chloe as Mikasa and Leayah was supposed to be Ymir but she went missing. When we found her she was in full costume in the bar. Really drunk. Somehow, I'm not surprised.

Photo by Martin Paterson

I had lots of fun and even briefly ended up in a cosplay music video again. That's my second one! I'm not in it too much because I hid towards the end out of shyness and couldn't hear the instructions most of the time. Nonetheless it was great to be in!

There's a lot of Attack on Titan cosplayers but Friday was the day there was the least amount of them. Ha ha... it's a super duper popular series!

I ended up leaving midway through the video shoot as my contacts were really hurting me and I ended up sitting in a dark hotel room on my own for two hours trying to soothe my eyes. I guess I'm not used to wearing them at all even though I had them in for four hours or so!


I redid one of my older cosplays for Saturday but turned up the gyaru level. It's from this post if you feel like looking all of the way back to then. It's Junko Enoshima from Dangan Ronpa, aka my homegirl.

I actually ended up spending a lot of Saturday by myself because my friends were busy in their own shoots and I didn't want to interrupt. But those nails... Junko actually has red nails but I wanted to drive home the fact she's a gyaru. I commissioned the amazingly talented Lhouraii for the nails and she completely outdid herself with what little instructions I gave her. I'm so pleased.

I was putting the nails on in my hotel room by myself and when I realised I couldn't do them on my own I ended up grabbing a random man from the corridor to help me. Whoever you are, thank you! I couldn't have done it by myself.

I took some photos with people even though I only got like, one back. I wonder where the rest of them went! Hey, you! If you have them stop hoarding my beautiful face for yourself and lemme see, okay!

Pulled from this guys Instagram. ♥ Contrary to popular belief I do not have weird teeth which is why I don't smile showing them often, I just don't like my smile haha!

Aaaah, the rest of Saturday kinda sucked though. I went to find my friends and I within three minutes I was pulled over by a group of guys. One of them put his hand up my really short skirt. So rude! What makes people think that just because I'm wearing a short skirt that it's totally acceptable behaviour to do that?! NEWSFLASH: it's NOT and the law still applies to you.

I don't cosplay to be sexually harassed by morons.

A few minutes after that another group of guys asked for a photo. I was feeling upset but I agreed anyway and one of them picked me up. When I asked him to put me down because my underwear would be on show and I didn't want that he proceeded to call me an inbred.

Really? Really?

This sort of attitude towards people makes me not want to come back to this event. It's totally uncalled for and I think sometimes people forget cosplayers are real people who have feelings too. I didn't ask for this.

Shortly after I went and sat by myself away from the crowds for two or three hours until my friends were done and they came to meet up with me. I had lots of people ask if I was okay though which I'm completely grateful about.

I ended up meeting with the lovely Lucy after the event and we roomed together.


I have no photos from this day. My cosplay fell apart so I sulked in the e-sports area where my friends were working and then went back to my hotel room to get changed hahaha.

I did good, as you can tell.


I was supposed to be travelling home today. Keyword being: supposed.

Instead there was a super storm in London so all trains were cancelled and I was stranded there. ;w; I ended up going to see some of the sights and getting lost haha.

I got lost at Canning Town because I couldn't figure out how to get to the platform I wanted to be on. Instead I took a photo.

I also had Bubble Tea for the first time ever. It was really nice~ I had green apple flavour and I didn't realise the pearls would come up the straw so I ended up having a huge surprise. Oopsie daisy. I suppose the face I made must have been hilarious!

Overall MCM was fun but the crowds of people and people's attitudes towards me ruined it slightly. I had lots of fun with my friends though and showing off the gorgeous nails I wore for Junko haha!

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