Sunday, 31 July 2011

What I Wore : 30th July 2011

Hello all!
I should have posted this yesterday but never got around to it as I didn't want to post twice in one day.

Yesterday I went shopping to buy a new suit for work as my older one is starting to look a little lived in haha. As I was also going out for a meal with my family in the middle of the countryside I wanted to look a little presentable so I didn't just throw on something old like I normally would have done.

This is what I wore:

Dungarees: RebelRebel
Top: RebelRebel
Hat: Primark
Bracelets: Primark
Boots: I've forgotten!
Necklace: ViVi Fashions

I've never had a chance to wear the hat as it's been windy every day I've wanted to wear it. It was pretty nice outside yesterday so I got away with it.

I didn't get any very good pictures of my make-up, sadly. I didn't wear huge eyelashes as I'm sure I would've scared people off, so I wore more natural looking ones. I think the dungarees were a statement in themselves...

Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of what I bought. I bought some brogue shoes, some headbands and the suit. :)

I'm considering adding a wardrobe tab to the top of the blog so I can keep track of what is in my wardrobe and where I got them from so I don't repeat the boot incident haha. Would people be interested in seeing that?

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  1. The dunagrees/shirt combo is so adorable and looks great on you! I'd love dungarees but I always worry if my thighs look too big. D:

    I'd be interested in the wardrobe tab~ :3