Saturday, 30 July 2011

I'm back!

So this is the very first post of the all-new Hippogrape blog! Due to unforeseen circumstances I shut the original blog but after a few months of rest and relaxation I am back.

Since I never really gave a proper introduction I'll fix that by having one now!

My name is Rachie and I'm a 19 year old girl from England.
I'm your typical j-culture enthusiast. I watch anime and read some manga. This means I do occasionally indulge in cosplay. I also really enjoy gyaru fashion (although I wouldn't call myself a gyaru as I'm nowhere near good enough to be considered one!). I do like asian music, particularly Ayumi Hamasaki, AKB48, SDN48, Namie Amuro, etc.

I do love British culture and I'm a huge fan of British music and reality television. Some of my favourite English artists include Little Boots, Jessie J and The Saturdays.

I can also be found at twitter which you should be able to link from the above and tumblr; please request my tumblr name if you would like to follow! :)

I don't really have much interesting to say ha ha.

Signing out,

Rachie :)

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