Monday, 29 September 2014

Gyaru Phones

There's one thing that a gyaru can't live without. Or, any girl really. We have our nice hair, our nice clothes, our perfect make-up but it's easy to say that without our mobile phones we would all be lost. Personally, whenever my phone is out of battery I feel like I'm missing an arm or some other body part!

For years the Japanese gyaru have been accessorising their phones to the very limits of customisation. With gyaru brands such as Cocolulu and Liz Lisa releasing phones in collaboration with Docomo the Japanese girls have been absolutely spoilt for choice. Western shores are starting to catch up on the trends making phone customisation easier than it has ever been. Custom phone cases are more popular than ever and dustplug charms are starting to make their way into stores as an alternative to the ridiculously popular phone charms that used to be everywhere just a few years ago.

★ W A L L P A P E R ★

Customising the software and inside of a phone has never been easier. For years custom wallpapers have been gracing phones (I remember having my first phone at 8 years of age and having a rather crude custom wallpaper!) and there's no reason why you shouldn't have a personalised wallpaper. To get your own custom wallpaper it's easy as snapping a cute picture with your camera or even googling. Gyaru brands have even been releasing their own official wallpapers, no to mention there's countless of fan made ones making the rounds on the Internet.

Universal Doll
Kawaii Sheepie
Japanese Gyaru

I've even seen girls use purikura as their wallpapers. They're so easy and so customisable that there's no excuse not to have one.

★ I C O N S ★

There are so many apps nowadays that you can do almost anything with your phone. There's apps that allow you to change your ringtone easily, there's apps that allows you to add custom emoticons, so it's not strange that there would be an app which allows you to change the icon of your apps. For reference, here is my phone's home screen.

Using the app CocoPPa it's easy to change your icons to something that matches your phone wallpaper. It creates a shortcut to the app so it's important not to delete the original app. Personally, I have mine in a folder on it's own page in the phone so I can access the originals if I need to. If you delete them the app will be deleted from your phone and your shortcut won't take you anywhere at all. Nope. Nada. There are thousands of icons on the app that can be used.

The app isn't able to create a shortcut for every app out there but for those it can, it makes your phone icons into something really cute. I use an iPhone that isn't jailbroken for this.

I'll be posting some of my favourite apps soon. Stay sweet! ♥

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