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10 Convention Beauty Commandments

As an avid cosplayer I'm no stranger to the world of anime conventions. I've braved the heat and the crowds for the sake of a photo or to meet a new friend and I'm all too aware of how little sleep I'm getting; socialising and drinking all night is fun at the time but it soon takes a toll. There's the stress leading up to conventions and remembering to pack absolutely everything and if you're staying far away, there may even be the event of dragging a heavy case across the country.

Usually you wouldn't put gyaru + anime together but with more and more brands such as MA*RS, GOLDS Infinity and those from other sub-styles more fashionista types are heading there. As these brands can be difficult to obtain in the West it can sometimes be cheaper just to attend these events.

It's perfectly fun at the time but it's playing havoc with your skin. No one looks good with pimples. Or wants them. Ever. End of.

That's why I'm going to impose the 10 Convention Beauty Commandments on you all!

♛ 1. Thou shalt pack in advance

It seems like it's pretty foolproof but I've been super guilty of not doing this. I've forgotten parts of outfits, part of coordinates I've had planned, I've left major parts of costumes back in my closet 200 miles away... and it's a nightmare no one wants. At the past London Expo I left my false lashes at home (and luckily the Dreamy Bows stand saved my makeup for the weekend) and at Kitacon I left a part of every costume at home. Oopsie. By making a list you won't forget anything. Also bringing a full make-up kit is a big no-no. Set a separate make-up bag aside and fill this with make-up samples, your can't-live-without essentials. You don't need to bring four kinds of mascara with you after all. One will do for a few days.

♛ 2. Thou shalt continue with face care

I'm 100% guilty of dropping most of my facial care routine at cons. I know some of you are too. Really, we shouldn't be doing this! Most pharmacies and supermarkets will sell travel sized kits of face care such as cleansers and make-up wipes so there's really no excuse not to uphold it. Instead of using a clay based face mask, disposable sheet face masks are a great, lightweight and travel safe alternative. They work just as well too.

♛ 3. Thou shalt remove make-up before going to sleep

This should be a big part of any girl's make-up routine but we've all been guilty of going to sleep with make-up on. Anyone who says they haven't is probably fibbing! Although it may be tempting to crash with a face full of foundation and false eyelashes on make sure you take it off! Make-up wipes are perfect for this situation and it takes literally 2 minutes to do. Your skin will love you for it. If you're like me and apply heavy make-up twice a day for 3 - 4 days in a row your skin will definitely love you for it.

♛ 4. Thou shalt wear circle lenses for no more than 8 hours

This is also common sense but sometimes in order for our make-up to be extra cute we force our eyes to strain and continue to wear these. Not only can it get uncomfortable and painful but it's super unhealthy for your eyes. Personally, I wear them if they're part of a costume and forego them on the evening because sight is precious.

♛ 5. Thou shalt sleep for no less than 5 hours

Sleep is good. In fact, sleep is great. So why forego it even at a convention? Granted you should be getting somewhere around the 8 mark or whatever is normal for yourself but sometimes it's tempting to stay up and continue talking to people. By making sure you have at least 5 hours sleep you'll prevent the unsightly under eye circles and bags that tend to pop up with a lack of sleep and the pimples that may pop up if your body deems you to be stressed. Sometimes sleeping at overnight at a convention can mean less than optimal sleeping conditions so eye masks and ear plugs will be your best friend. It's a small investment but the dividends it reaps is worth it.

♛ 6. Thou shalt stay hydrated

This is stupidly important and it amazes me how many people forget about this. It's absolutely important to stay hydrated, not for your skin but for your own health. Alcohol and coffee won't give you the hydration you need so it's really important to carry a bottle of water with you in your bag. With more water your skin is more likely to stay clear and glowing which is important considering all of the make-up and lack of sleep it'll most likely already be enduring.

♛ 7. Thou shalt carry extra beauty supplies

Do you know what really sucks? When your false eyelashes are pulling themselves free of your eyelid and you have no glue to shove it back in place. Carrying your essentials for reapplication such as mascara, lipstick, etc. is almost common sense but it's always surprising that people don't think of carrying their eyelash glue with them. Conventions tend to be hot due to the amount of people that get crammed inside and that can cause your make-up to melt - not a good look. By carrying a few extras you can fix up your make-up in literally seconds. It's worth the investment instead of needing to go back to your hotel room.

♛ 8. Thou shalt wear sunblock

Conventions take place at all times of year but summer is when the majority of them pop up. Summer weather tends to lead for beautiful photos except it's sunny and if you go outdoors you're risking sun damage to your face. That's why it's important to wear sunblock. Nowadays a lot of make-up carries SPF in it from BB Creams to even lipsticks. Sunblock that sprays onto your skin as opposed to a liquid is also available. There's no excuse not to apply these and it'll stop any sunburn and most importantly wrinkles.

♛ 9. Thou shalt have have clean hair at all times

The amount of people I've met at conventions who forgo washing their hair in favour of wigs is just... ugh, no. You'd think it's common sense but because of wigs I've met some people who think wearing a wig to hide their dirty hair is acceptable. Even if you're wearing a wig make sure you have clean hair. Having dirty hair just makes you feel gross and the oils from your hair can affect your face and clog your pores. After all, you're not going to sleep in a wig! Dry shampoos exist for a reason and it's easy to pick up at any beauty store. Really, there's no excuse not to do this.

Don't be gross.

♛ 10. Thou shalt sanitise, sanitise, sanitise!

Conventions tend to attract large crowds of people, each with their own unique sense of being. That being said, it's easy to pass bacteria along in big crowds. Not only can this lead to sickness (which is gonna make you look haggard) it can lead to bacteria and other nasties being transferred into your cosmetics if you touch them without washing hands. Hand sanitiser can help stop these from being transferred and potentially ruining that pretty face of yours.

As well as beauty tips, there's plenty of other tips to learn for conventions. Basic etiquette such as asking a cosplayer for a photo before snapping is polite and looking up the con schedule in advance to plan your days can be a total life saver.

Do you have any more tips? Let me know!

Stay sweet! ♥

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