Tuesday, 13 May 2014

London Adventures

Over the Easter weekend I decided to pay a visit to London to see some friends. I've only ever been to London in the past for Expos etc. so it's the first time I was really able to look around! I acted like such a tourist! I come from the North of the UK and London sometimes feels like a different country all together because the way things are done there are so different from how they are where I'm from.

It took four hours to get there by train because it was a Bank Holiday so I spent most of the time taking sefies and sleeping!

Full Outfit (unseen)
Dress: Lipsy
Shoes: New Look
Headband: New Look
Necklace: Chocomint
Ring: Chocomint

Actually one of my friends saw me on the train and didn't recognise me. They thought it was just someone who resembled me, oopsie daisy!

My ring actually broke. The crown fell off as I was walking around London and being amazed by how big everything was.

We actually went to an American Diner for food! It was really delicious but super duper packed full of people. We were lucky to get a seat when we did to be honest!

We also passed by Trafalgar Square.

Big Ben as seen from Trafalgar Square.

A big, blue chicken that was there for some reason!

The next day we decided to go to Japanese karaoke with friends.

Obligatory make-up selfie!

I forgot to take pictures because I was super excited about singing. I sang some Ayumi Hamasaki songs and also sang Utada Hikaru, LiSA and some others. One of my favourite memories was everyone singing along to My Soul, Your Beats!

The frog was from the Rainforest Cafe near Trocadero in London. The food there was so expensive! It was like £16 for a salad.

Because we were all too cheap to eat there we decided to go to Nandos instead. I haven't been there since I was 18 due to an illness I had and I was able to actually eat it again!

It's one of my friends and I whilst waiting for food. Aaah we cannot resist being camwhores!!

I left London the day after (Easter Sunday) because I wanted to go home and eat all of my chocolate eggs. Aaah not really but I felt bad intruding on my friends.

Overall I had fun and I already want to go to London again! It's so much fun there! There's so many stores to get so many new things and it honestly feels like a different country from the rest of the UK!

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