Monday, 19 May 2014

Kitacon V

Back in March I attended my favourite UK convention, Kitacon! Held at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole I've been attending this convention for three years as it's one of my favourites. It was quite infamous this year as it sold out within a matter of days which meant a lot of people who had attended every single one were unable to make it.

Even so it was a great event!


The Thursday was pretty uneventful. I just travelled down, changed hairstyle through the journey and met up with some friends.

I do have an outfit shot for the day however, courtesy of Dan Hardwick.

After getting food we all went to stand in a queue to pick up our badges. I suck and didn't take a photo but my badge name was Viola. As you can see, we're all very happy to be collecting our badges (as seen by the looks on all of our faces!).

After that I went to bed as I was tired from travelling all day. Hey, old age is certainly starting to get the best of me!


Friday was the first convention day! I wore Christa Renz from Shingeki no Kyojin with a group of friends. I actually forgot some parts of my costume at home so I felt really bad about it. I don't have any of the shots back so have some out takes and selfies with other people.

On the evening I just attended the party and went back to bed again. I'm not built for partying, I'm a girl who loves her sleep (despite constantly not getting enough of it). I'm also pretty sure I heard Space Jam coming from the party during the evening. Excellent.


Despite feeling worse for wear I woke up and persevered. I wore Asami Sato from Avatar: The Legend of Korra. It's a really different look for me and some people didn't recognise me.

I actually showed my hair stylist one of the photos and she won't believe it's me.

It's 100% me.

I worked with Izzy from Solarillusion Photography for these shots and oh my goodness she is wonderful! She made me look so gorgeous!

I didn't meet too many other Korra fans sadly. I did run into a Tenzin and Korra at one point and I was really happy as I'm a huge Avatar fan! I cosplayed Ty Lee in the past.

Once again evening came around for the party. I forgot to take an outfit shot again but I eventually left worse for wear.


Oh deary me. I slept in as my phone alarm hadn't gone off and I felt too queasy to get up so I didn't end up wearing Mirai Kuriyama. With the recent weather in the UK it's been too warm to wear her, sadly.

I ordered food. It was like, £20. Never again.

Afterwards I changed into my Luka Megurine from Sandplay Singing of the Dragon cosplay, made by the amazingly talented Felixize. I mean wtf look at this dress, it's so big. So big that I eventually ended up with bruises and welts on my hips and had to be rescued out of it by friends as I was struggling to walk and was generally in a lot of pain after 6 hours or so.

Once again I worked with Solarillusion Photography for photos.

I'm actually really pleased even if I didn't have my headpiece on for the first half of the day (oops!). At the ball I couldn't really dance because my dress was too big and I was starting to feel sore. I couldn't even get to the bar; my friends had to go for me as I couldn't get my dress through there!

Overall Kitacon was great as usual! I met lots of new people and despite wanting to drop out for personal reasons I'm so glad I went. I'm definitely looking forward to the next one!

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