Wednesday, 19 October 2011

SPLIT: Tsubasa Masuwaka & Naoki Umeda?!

Rumour has it that Tsubasa Masuwaka will be divorcing her husband, Naoki Umeda, by the end of the year.

Their reasoning? Differences, of course. Apparently there has been a big change in their values and sense of money since Tsubasa became popular, and they have supposedly been living apart since February of this year. Since Naoki was missing from Tsubasa's birthday party on October 12th, it's starting to look as though these rumours have some sort of truth behind them.

If this is the case, that's pretty sad. They've always managed to look as though they've been living a happy, healthy family life. It's also pretty sad on their son since they'll definitely both want custody over him.

It's expected that the divorce will be finalised by the end of the year.

At least, that would be the case if this story were to be true. Both Tsubasa and Naoki's agencies have denied these reports and claim that they won't be getting a divorce as they're not seperated. Tsubasa has also took to her blog to deny these claims.

To be honest, I would prefer for them not to have a divorce. They look fantastic together and it would be the best for their young son. Time will only tell.

UPDATE: This story has been rubbished and I am super glad to hear the two aren't divorcing. I'm wishing the happy couple all the best!

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