Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Dance like a Ballerina~

This is a bit of a lazy post. I recently fell in love with a half Japanese, half American singer named MAA back around the time her Monkey Kingdom album was released. Once upon a time MAA was the lead singer of MarBell, but then became a solo artist after the group disbanded. MAA goes for a 'witchy' sort of image which is really intriguing.

She's recently released her first full length studio album which is called (I kid you not) BUBBLEMAN ENGINE.

The cover is a little provocative! As you can guess she's a very... kooky sort of person. That's not a bad thing though; it works perfectly for MAA. Some of my favourite song titles on the album include 'no bra sleepwalk' and 'F.B.;' if you're wondering that stands for Favourite Bitches. One of the song titles on her Monkey City album that stands out is 'Virgin Killer Santa'. With the sound she goes for it works perfectly!

MAA isn't full out kooky though. Some of her songs touch on the more serious, such as OKay and Hangover Payback whereas some are straight out peppy such as Ballerina Brain System. She's definitely an artist to check out!

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