Sunday, 27 December 2015

10 Months

Wowwww, it's been a long time since I last wrote to you all.

First of all, Merry (belated!) Christmas! I hope gyaru Santa was kind to you all this year.

I disappeared again.

Thank you for all of the comments asking if I'm okay and where I am, I'm fine, thank you. ♥ 2015 has been a very weird year for me.

After a long time of thinking there was nothing out there better for me I bit the bullet and quit my little office job. As a result I've had no money for most of the year and I distanced myself from gyaru to stop the urge to splurge (hey, I rhymed!!) on absolutely everything. MA*RS still has a place in my heart and everytime I see news about MA*RS I just want to buy everything!! Money was so tight for awhile I even stopped wearing make-up because I couldn't afford new foundation and I'm still very carefully rationing Diamond Lash eyelashes (whilst weeping as I'm on my last set of lower lashes).

Since February I've worn gyaru around 5 times, maybe 4.

It sucked to read and follow the scene for awhile because I still wanted to be part of the culture and buy everything so I just... stopped. Went cold turkey. Bing, bang, boom.

Instead I replaced it with perhaps one of my biggest mistakes so far. The time I spent reading blogs, researching gyaru, looking at the new trends all went into...

MMO Gaming.

Aka the biggest time sink you can imagine. I also tried streaming on Twitch for awhile (which was fun and if you tuned in you would've seen me running around with no make-up on due to literally being so freaking broke).

I'm not sure if I'll ever come back into blogging as frequently as I did again but I'd like to a lot. ♥

Please tear me away from MMO Addiction, LOL!

However, I recently got an amazing job. It's hard work and does restrict some of my appearance (nude nails, natural hair colours only, etc.) so soon I'll be able to tentatively take steps into going back into gyaru.

Or at least replacing my false lashes. Those are getting nasty, yo.


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