Monday, 12 January 2015

Holiday Season

I thought I'd do a personal post as it's been... well, "awhile". I got focused on writing and researching too much and I thought this would be a nice break. I had such a good Christmas this year despite it being a bit of a rough time of year due to personal reasons I'd mentioned earlier in the year.

★ W O R K ★ P A R T Y ★

As you all know I work as an office manager and I kinda have to go to my office Christmas party. My boyfriend couldn't make it with me so I losered out and brought my mum as everything was paid for by my boss. I'd been totally set to dress 'normally' and not appear weird or eccentric but I got carried away with hair and make-up and next thing I knew I was rocking a pseudo-gyaru look:

My dress is a cheap ass dress I'd picked up in a market back when I was 17 and felt like wearing because it was sparkly and festive.

Although... it did get kinda awkward.

I'd completely forgotten by boss had lived in Japan for a few months a few years back and he kept making comments about how I reminded him of something. He was all, "You remind me of g... g... gy... gya.... GEISHA!" I just froze up and laughed it off but I was all, "OH NO," on the inside because I had a very good idea what he meant.

Woopsie. Silly me, etc. etc.

★ C H R I S T M A S ★ D A Y ★

Christmas was amazing.

I'm so grateful for my family in so many ways. I'd been speaking with my mum and knew not to expect much because I'm not from a very well off family. I'd been asked what I wanted and I'd said the Electric Urban Decay palette (which my sister got me) and mentioned about how I was going to save up for a PS Vita.

So when I woke up on Christmas morning to a small pile of presents I was super shocked!

A lot of it was clothing, pyjamas, other nice things and I got to a box and I was totally clueless to what was inside of it. I assumed it was something what my sister had so I was looking through what she'd opened to see if I could guess, I was soooo certain. So when I opened it and it was a PS Vita with one of the games I was looking for (FFX) I was super stunned and ended up crying and hugging my mum because I hadn't expected it.

I'm actually getting overemotional writing this, woops!

I just hadn't expected it and it was something I was looking at treating myself with for a few months; sure I love clothes and make-up but at heart I've always been about video games and neat technology and Christmas is never complete without me playing on a new video game hee hee. ♥

I then spent the rest of the Christmas playing FFXIV because I'm a dorkazoid (I'm Ciahnna Amariyo on Zodiark server if you wanna play ♥).

★ N E W ★ Y E A R ★

For the New Year I went to visit my boyfriend at his parents place in London. I was super muted and toned down in hair and make-up because I wanted to make a good impression so there's not many pictures of me in gyaru, sorry!

We went to the Haagen-Dasz cafe which is one of my favourite places ever. I don't care if I've walked around in the cold and been shivering for the last hour, gimme ice-cream.

It was super yummy. And expensive. But yummy.

We never ended up doing much for New Years Eve but we did order pizza and watch Zoolander and American Hustle. I've never seen Zoolander before but I love it now. BLUE STEEEEEEEEEEEEEL.

We also went to Winter Wonderland in London which was amazing! It was like a giant wintery fairground with rollercoasters, carousels, chestnuts and Santa of course. ♥

I made my boyfriend take a selfie with me so he decided to be cute.

I also did a kind of gyaru look but my coord wasn't on point because I wanted to wrap up warm since I was going to be out in the cold all day. Freezing and having a runny nose and sneezing everywhere so isn't a hot look.

Coat: Lipsy (new!!)
Jumper: Christmas gift (new!!)
Skirt: MA*RS
Necklace: MA*RS
Tights: Offbrand

Winter Wonderland was so much fun! Unfortunately I ended up falling really, really ill over the course of the day and ended up so sick I was doubled over in agony and unable to do anything. It sucks but that's life. I wanted to go on the big rides and I couldn't, I wanted to ride the rollercoasters to see if my eyelashes would come off (legit!!).


I broke one of my New Years Resolutions already. By January 5th I already had 5 new clothing items (Lipsy coat, Lipsy cardigan, MA*RS stockings/garters, MA*RS Dress, MA*RS Jumper). So much for a new year, new me. Are you guys holding up any better than me?

Stay sweet! ♥

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