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10 More Gyaru Brands

Gyaru brands come in and out of Shibuya 109 like a revolving door. In comes a new brand, out goes a dearly beloved brand that just couldn't make it (remember when everyone loved W♥C?) in the number one fashion haven. With that in mind it's time to look at some of the brands we didn't look at back in 2012 when there was the little Gyaru Month back on the blog.

Ank Rouge

Following the sweet style and taking cues from the famous Liz Lisa, Ank Rouge follows the himekaji style to a route. It's a little different from Liz Lisa so it's perfect for those girls who love himekaji but aren't a fan of the cookie cutter look that Liz Lisa has a tendency to bring with it.

Popular with: Himekaji, Hime Gyaru, Roma Gyaru


Also known as Yumetenbo.

DreamV may not be considered a 'brand' by some but it's cheap, affordable gyaru clothing that ships overseas. It follows himekaji and agejo styles mainly but with cheap shoes and cheap clothes it's easy to mix and match for the perfect look.

Popular with: Himekaji, Agejo, Rokku, Onee


Ghost of Harlem's main aim to make clothing that 'expresses the unusual world'. Now, Ghost of Harlem isn't a Shibuya 109 store and is found in La Foret and Harajuku but it's still a gyaru brand; the girls love it. Sakurina is a huge fan of the brand and models for it. She's also snapped shopping there frequently.

Popular with: Rokku, Harajuku


JSG is a fun brand (think: Galaxxxy). Whilst it might not fit the gyaru style outright a few items tend to be picked up and used. Standing for Japanese Super Girl the brand is fun with bright prints and bold, brash colours. It's not for everyone.

Popular with: Manba, Tsuyome, B-Gal, Gyaru-kei, Harajuku


JugeETTA is Liz Lisa's older sister. It has himekaji and roma elements whilst being suitable for the older girls who are afraid that they have outgrown Liz Lisa. It's not as sweet as Liz Lisa and definitely has a more mature look that some girls who can't give up himekaji are looking for.

Popular with: Himekaji, Roma Gyaru, Onee

Laguna Moon

At a first glance, Laguna Moon may not scream, "THIS IS GYARU," at you as it looks somewhat similar to what you could find at your local shopping centre but I assure you, it is. The gyaru who grace the pages of magazines love this brand. This is more suitable for your onee girls.

Popular with: Onee

me Jane

It genuinely makes me sad that I never see girls announce that they're wearing me Jane. They're another onee kind of brand with a celebrity like look. The clothes I've seen are luxurious and more glamourous than that some of the other stores offer. It can be overlooked easily, though.

Popular with: Onee, Gyaru-kei

Princess Melody

Another hime gyaru brand. It's a little more agejo style than the others whilst still being distinctively hime. It's not as elaborate as Jesus Diamante or La Parfait but the dresses are genuinely nice and it's modelled by Himena, one of the leading himegyaru models.

Popular with: Himegyaru

Sexpot Revenge

Dark, gritty and edgy, Sexpot Revenge is another rokku brand. What's unique is that as well as women, this brand also caters to mean and is more likely to be seen on the page of Kera than it is Popteen.

Popular with: Rokku, Harajuku


Things you never thought you would have to say: "I got my shirt from titty." titty&co. is a nice brand that manages to cover a wide range of styles without sitting too much in one substyle.

Popular with: Onee, Roma Gyaru

There are so many gyaru brands! What's your favourite?

Stay sweet. ♥

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