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Halloween is one of the only times of year that it's acceptable to go out looking like a total weirdo. No one will bat an eyelid at you if you go out in dresses adorned in eyeballs, bats hanging from your ears or even blood cascading from your eyes. Okay, maybe that last one might get you some looks but most likely not. Either way Halloween is meant for fun and there's no better way to do that than dressing up in a creepy costume.

With the rising popularity of creepy cute on the Internet it's now easier than ever to find some perfectly ~spooky~ items for people who don't want to particularly dress up. There's also a billion costumes to do, with some gyaru stores catering to them as well as the cheap options from your local party store.

If you haven't made your mind up for what you want to dress up as for Halloween, here's some ideas!

1. Generic cat Easy peasy. A black/leopard print dress with a matching pair of kitty ears is stupidly simple to do. Teamed with some whiskers drawn on your face (and perhaps a cute little nose) there's absolutely nothing complicated about this costume at all.
2. Devil Also another generic idea. Devil horns and a black or red outfit. It's easy to find horns that are different colours so if red isn't your thing you could run with pink, blue, purple, green... the possibilities are endless.
3. Vampire Wear a perfectly suitable vampire outfit - something black perhaps. Paired with blood leaking from the corner of your lips and a pair of fangs you're a more legit vampire than Edward Cullen.
4. Ghost Dress in an all white outfit with white shoes and white skin make-up to match. With the addition of a black or white wig you're bound to look like a fashionable ghost - or spooky. Much cuter than wearing a bedsheet with eye holes cut out.
5. Doll I can't be the only one who finds wind up dolls creepy, right? With the use of make-up in the correct places it's easy to turn yourself into a puppet or a doll. Pair this with a blank scare and you're bound to scare someone - even me.
6. Zombie Use makeup to make it appear as though, well, you're dead. Bruises are super simple to make using eyeshadows and with fake blood you're bound to look like you're craving some flesh. For extra authenticity rip up your clothes. Or don't; fashionable zombies exist too!
7. Mad Scientist This one is super easy! All it takes is a lab coat - smear it with fake blood or other nasties for the best affect. Use make-up to your will and backcomb your hair until it's a crazy, untamed poof. It'll definitely make you seem crazy.
8. Werewolf You're going for the same look as the generic cat here, but with extra fur. Awooga, baby.
9. Spider Queen This is an interesting one. Wear all black and adorn the spider webs you can buy from Halloween stores on your outfit. Wear a black veil and add little spiders all over. Not recommended for those with a spider phobia.
10. Frankenstein This one is almost all exclusively make-up. Using green face paint, paint yourself green and do your make-up as usual. Add one or two stitches with either liquid eyeliner of black body paint and BAM! Done.

What're your plans for Halloween? I'm completely undecided still so I'd love to bounce some ideas off you all.

Stay sweet! ♥

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