Monday, 25 August 2014

Can I Be Gyaru if I Can't Wear Circle Lenses?

It's a question I often see girls who are new to gyaru asking: can I still be gyaru if I can't wear circle lenses?

The answer: Yes.

Before the rising popularity of circle lenses that's swept across not just Japan but Asia, gyaru didn't wear these. They're considered a staple item by some gyaru. But whilst false eyelashes and lower lashes and the deco'd nails have been around for years and years thanks to the influence of ganguro and manba, wearing circle lenses is still a trend that's in it's teenage years. Whilst the old gyaru occasionally did wear crazy contacts to spruce up their look, it wasn't considered a staple.

There's plenty of reasons why circle lenses may be inappropriate for you to wear. Maybe your eyes are unsuitable for them. Maybe they cause a great amount of discomfort. Personally, I wear them where I can but due to my eyes becoming painful after 6 hours of wear or so I tend to wear them based off what I'm doing that day. Outdoors from 12pm to 11pm? I'll forego them for now even though it does make me feel like my makeup is incomplete.

Personally, I feel like the circle lenses are the cherry on the top of a cake. If the rest of the make-up is icing, circle lenses are the thing that sets it off. In order to pull off not wearing circle lenses efficiently with current gyaru trends, you need heavy makeup that alters the eye shape to make your make-up scream, "I AM GYARU." Pin is an excellent example of a gyaru without circle lenses.

Natural make-up is on trend for most gyaru styles at the moment, such as onee, hime-kaji, sweet which can be a nightmare to pull off whilst still looking gyaru. I've tried it. It's hard. Your make-up definitely needs to be big and bold and just scream gyaru. Make up for the lack of lenses by having an amazing hair do or coordinate. Whatever it is, you will need to compensate for your lack of circle lens.

Not wearing them will give some girls the impression you're being lazy. Having incredible make-up will prove otherwise.

So, can you be gyaru if you can't wear circle lenses? Hell yes.

Just prepare to work.

Stay sweet. ♥

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