Friday, 1 June 2012

Circle Lens; The New Perfume?

If you're a big-shot celebrity here in the Western world, chances are you've released a perfume. Although it's mainly the female celebrities who release these perfumes there's often one or two exceptions (such as a certain Mr. Bieber.)

In Asia it seems as though this perfume trend hasn't taken off. Instead, see the circle lens trend.

Tsubasa Masuwaka - Princess Mimi

Ayumi Hamasaki - Sweet Days

Koda Kumi - Loveil

Japan isn't the own country where people are releasing their own line of circle lenses; Cheesie has also released her own line named Rainbow Colour.

Cheesie - Rainbow Colour

Eyelashes used to be the one item everyone released (Tsubasa, Ayumi, Kyarypamyupamyu) but recently these have shifted to circle lenses.

Who do you think will be the next person to announce their own circle lens line?


  1. I have no idea who'll release some but Tsubasa's lenses look so nice woah!

    1. They're so gorgeous! I really want them in Apple Green and Sesame Grey :(

  2. Oh les vertes ! Se sont exactement celles que j'ai !
    Franchement elles sont géniales ! Et très confortable ! J'aime *o*